10 Positively Perfect Pointers for Being a Single Woman


Whether you have been single all of your life or you are new to this way of living, there is no doubt that being a free woman is liberating, enjoyable and gratifying. If you are currently in a relationship but are scared to let go, you need to realize that you can absolutely do everything on your own. You don’t need anybody to validate your happiness, so enjoy the single life while you can. If you switch towards this positive mindset and try to improve your quality of life by becoming single, taking a break from alcohol, going to more social events, or simply chasing the career you have always wanted; you are bound to be a happier woman because of it. There is a stigma out there that causes people to think that single women must be lonely and unhappy, but the opposite is true. Open up your mind to all of the possibilities out there and simply enjoy what your life has to offer. You are an independent, smart and savvy lady who can conquer anything life throws at you. Consider all of these positive perfect pointers and you will soon realize that being a single woman is absolutely fabulous.

  1. You Are Your Own Person

When you are in a couple it is very easy to become merged into one and lose your own identity. Perhaps you have been through a divorce recently and needs to seek guidance from a lawyer at BartonWood.com. It is never easy going from happily loved up to strangely single, but you can take your name back and embrace your own uniqueness again. There is nobody holding you back anymore from being the amazing individual that you are.

  1. Your Money is All Yours

Your finances can often become split when you are in a couple; you rely on each other to foot the bill and you are always trying to keep track of who owes who. As a singleton, you don’t have any of these worries on your mind. The cash that enters your bank account is all yours and you may spend it however you wish.

  1. You Can Focus on Your Career

Imagine being able to focus solely on your career instead of trying to make somebody else happy and consider their feelings. You could move to another country to pursue your passions or start up a business from your own home. There is nobody stopping you from chasing the career you have always wanted for yourself, so go out there and grab whatever you are looking for.

  1. Children or No Children, You Can Handle It

Of course, being a single mother is no walk in the park, but is there anything a woman can’t do? When you are single you can either embrace motherhood as a singleton or you don’t have to worry about having children. Whether you have little ones in your life or not you can handle anything.

  1. You Can Date Whoever You Want

Your options are wide open when it comes to dating; you could go on a date every single night if you really wanted to. You aren’t tied down or wifed up to anybody, so you are free to explore your options and enjoy being in the dating pool. This process will allow you to discover what you truly want from a man or it might make you decide you don’t want a man at all. It’s all a learning curve and is made so much easier when you are fully single.

  1. You Answer To Nobody

If you stay out until midnight on a work night, nobody is going to call you in an angry rage and tell you to come home. Similarly, you aren’t forced into staying up late to wait for you other half to get home after a boozy night out. You don’t have to be worried about anyone, and nobody is unnecessarily worried about you.

  1. Girlfriends and Family Are Your Priority

You can fill up your social calendar with all sorts of fun events surrounding your close friends and family, without having to liaise with your other half about it. You can prioritise the people in your life who are actually really important to you instead of being forced to have dinner with your in laws or tag along to your other half’s work party you really didn’t want to go to in the first place.

  1. You’re Not Taking on Someone Else’s Problems

You no longer have to become stressed about another person’s life problems. Of course, you are a kind woman who would help anybody out, but you don’t have to take on anyone else’s stress. This makes your life feel so much more liberating as you can focus on your own problems.

  1. Weddings Are Expensive

The average wedding costs almost $30,000, so aren’t you glad you don’t need to plan one of these anytime soon? Imagine being able to save that amount of money and put it towards a house, car, or amazing vacation with the people you love. Don’t waste your life savings on one wedding day; when you’re single you can choose what you spend this amount of cash on!

  1. You Have Time to Fall in Love With Yourself

When you are low in confidence it can be very easy to lean on somebody else for emotional support and reassurance. When you have time to be single you can start to discover all of the amazing traits about yourself. Falling in love with yourself is an empowering feeling that you will never regret. You don’t want to rely on anybody else for happiness so give yourself the chance to discover the real you.

So if you are new to being single or you are ready to cut yourself loose, consider all of these perfect pointers that will make you feel enlightened. Be independent, explore your career prospects, and enjoy spending your own money; being a single woman is so much fun so enjoy every moment of it!

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