Never Have Sex With a Man Before Asking These 10 Questions


“We gotta stop playing Russian Roulette with the cookie and start asking the real questions.”

It’s 2017 and everyone wants to start over. We all want to be better people and stop making the same mistakes we have been making for years. One of the biggest mistakes women make is having sex with the wrong men. Most would say they didn’t know he was the wrong man but that’s only an excuse. The real reason why so many women get caught in bed with such awful men is because they don’t ask the right questions before jumping in bed. Many times they just jump in bed too fast or they just listen to the men tell them what they want to hear. Well that stops now. Here are the ten facts every woman must know before having sex with any man.

10) “What is his full name?” 

It is so sad that I have to mention this but you would be surprised how many people have sex without knowing the person’s first name, let alone last name. Even if it’s just a one night stand, you need to take a picture of his ID or something just in case you get pregnant. How are you going to explain to your child that you literally have no idea who their father is? Just ask their full name.

9) “Is he selective with who he gives his penis to?” 

This is something you can’t ask directly because men will lie. They will say anything to get in your drawers so you just have to talk to him long enough to get this information. You can pay attention to how he acts when he’s out or his social media activity. Does he have a wandering eye when you guys are on dates? Do a lot of women seem to know him and walk up to him when you guys are together totally disrespecting you? What do the women he has dated in the past look like? Has he been in a lot of relationships or does he just say things like “she wasn’t my girl or nothing, we were just kicking it.” All these things will reveal to you if he has giving his penis to just anyone or if he’s selective about it.

8) “What is his relationship status?”

It’s crazy that I even have to put this in this post but this is why there are so many side chicks. They don’t even bother to ask if someone else is in the picture; some don’t even care. But in 2017, I would love to abolish the glorification of side chicks and we can start by asking this question before having sex.

7) “Is he looking for something serious or something casual?” 

This is extremely important because you don’t want to sleep with someone who doesn’t want what you want. If he wants to be casual but you want something serious, abort mission. Please do not think if you “put it down” when you have sex with him it’ll chance his mind. It won’t! You’ll just be booty call number one.

6) “Who is he currently having sex with?” 

Nine times out of ten, men are never NOT having sex with someone. If you’re not giving it up to him just yet, most likely he has an ex or a cut buddy he’s getting it from. Ask him flat out and hope he tells you the truth. If he says he isn’t having sex with anyone, expect the worst and use protection if you do decide to have sex with him.

5) “Is he okay with sleeping with multiple people at once?”

Most men are A okay with sleeping with multiple women within the same week. It is very sad but that’s just men. You want to know the extent to which he does this. Has he done two a days or is it more like two a week. You want to know this information for your safety and so you can decide if you want to deal with a man like this. If you both want something casual, then it may not be a big deal. But if you want something serious, RUN! This is another thing he won’t tell you upfront. You have to pry by asking about his dating habits in the past to see what he is capable of. As a woman, you know the right questions to ask a man to get the answers you need.

4) “What is his idea of good sex?”

Sexual compatibility is super important. It can ruin a relationship very quickly. If you like slow, sensual sex but he likes rough, animal sex, then you may want to reconsider giving him the cookie. Sex is very important in relationships so being sexually compatible can make or break your situation.

3) “How many kids does he have?” 

I would hope this is established before you even start thinking about sex but I know that’s wishful thinking. You need to know how many kids he has because 1) It’ll tell you how fertile he is and 2) It’ll tell you how much he enjoys sex without condoms. If he has more than three kids with three different women, it is safe to say that he is ejaculating in every woman he meets and condoms are just not his thing. Men like this can never get the key to my cookie jar.

2) “Is he a condom user?” 

With all the diseases and fatherless children, you’d think men have learned their lesson. Well they haven’t. Most men hate condoms and will not use condoms with any woman. It’s sad but these are facts. Knowing how much he uses condoms is very important because dealing with a man that doesn’t believe in them puts you at risk. If he doesn’t own any condoms or have any in his wallet, then most likely he doesn’t use them. This is a bad sign and you can proceed with caution and provide your own protection or you can lock that cookie jar.

1)”When was the last time he was tested and what were the results?” 

Men don’t typically get tested. The woman their with gets tested and if she tests negative, they assume they’re negative too. Nowadays, I don’t trust if a man tells me he’s been tested unless I see the papers. Even then, I ask my man to come get tested with me at the free clinic. In every city, there are several clinics that you can both get tested at for free. If he isn’t willing to get tested with you, that means he doesn’t care about you or your health. You may think this is going too far but if you get something you can’t get rid of you’re going to wish you took the time to just go get tested for free. Do yourself a favor and just take the test.

I hope this post saves somebody from giving the cookie to a man who doesn’t deserve it. We gotta stop playing Russian Roulette with the cookie and start asking the real questions. It’s not safe out here so we have to be smarter.

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